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Oncology Clinical Trial Capability and Case study

2018-11-30 13:52:32
  • A new antineoplastic candidate compound has been found by a Chinese drug development company, and was going into IND process in China.
  • Analyzed the international R&D trend and preclinical data regarding to this candidate compound, Microconstants found, for this target, there was a Phase III clinical trial for breast cancer undertaking in U.S. and the failure of Phase II abroad clinical trial, targeting gastric cancer, was mainly due to compound toxicity, but the compound from the Chinese company mentioned above revealed prominent curative effect.
  • Therefore, we recommend to use gastric cancer as the first target point, persuaded the PI from institutions to engage in this project and hold two rounds discussions to generate the draft of protocol.
  • After the draft protocol is finalized, we helped our clients to prepare required IRB and IND application materials in one month, and got the approvals within three months.

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