Xuechun Li

2017-02-21 15:44:16
Xuechun Li has over 20 years of pharmaceutical research and development experience. She originally joined MicroConstant in 2008 as project coordinator responsible for working with clients to coordinate the development of project plans. After 3 years, Li left MicroConstants and began to study for her Master and Doctor degrees. In 2016, she returned Microconstants and is currently the Director of Project Management. In this role, Li is responsible for overseeing day-to-day project operations, implementing strategies to enhance client services and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency throughout the company. She also manages Sample Management and Specimen Collection Kit departments.
Prior to that, Li was the leader of clinical department at Beijing Kanglisheng Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. And during her doctoral studies, she was the director of TCM department at Beijing Xinkaiyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. Prior to joining MicroConstants China, Li was Project Manager and Senior Scientist at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Li received her bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Harbin University of Commerce, her master’s degree in Military Chemistry and Pyrotechnics from Anti Chemical Command and Engineering Institute of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and her doctor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.