Staff Life

2017-02-23 15:58:00
1.Caring about employees’ career development, providing opportunities for them to promotion and realize their values;
2.Caring about employees’ salary and welfare, striving to improve their welfare;
3.Caring about employee’s health by creating personal health file and providing annually medical examination to monitor staff’s health condition;
4.Caring about employees’ life, assisting the person who are in financial difficulties;
5.Holding birthday party monthly for employees and sending blessing and gifts;
6.Providing gifts for employees on each festival;
7.Offering seminars and special training courses throughout the year for employees to enhance the skills of pressure management, frustrate controlling, maintain positive attitude and so on, improving the ability to confronting psychological problems;
8.Encouraging employees to expand their knowledge and exchange their ideas and thoughts;
9.Developing a rewarding system to encourage employees who are working hardly and industrious.

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