Talent Philosophy

2017-02-23 15:54:52
Compliance with international quality standards, Microconstants commits to providing domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises with pharmacokinetic biological analysis and early stage clinical trial full services. Microconstants is devoting itself to creating a good employer brand image, providing employees with comfortable office and laboratory environment, providing opportunities for employees’ development and promotion, fully excavating the potential of each employee, establishing a team full of responsibility and scientific spirit. Microsonstants provides staff with the promotional opportunities from technical and administrative aspects, and provides detailed SOP training services and career developmental plans. Therefore, Microconstants is the platform that allows you to show, explore and prove yourself. Microconstants respects and welcomes each talented people to join in, regarding employees as cooperative partners, creates relaxed and harmonious working environment, explores employees’ potential and finally achieves the development of staffs as well as the company.

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