PK Analysis

2017-02-21 14:23:58
Pharmacokinetic data analysis /pharmacokinetic modeling
Microconstants provides clients with a variety of pharmacokinetic data analysis in early, preclinical and clinical trials. We take advantage of the validated WinNonlin software to develop a variety of pharmacokinetic models, to calculate the data for bioequivalence, drug exposure, accumulation, absorption and material balance, and to provide an analysis of the relationship between PK/PD.
Pharmacokinetic data simulation 
Microconstants has gone through a variety of pharmacokinetic data for the prediction of the drugs in different concentrations of blood drug state conditions. This information can be predicted by different routes of administration, repeated administration of different conditions, continuous administration of time effect on potential drug effect. These predictions may provide an important basis for further preclinical and clinical studies.
Pharmacokinetics counseling 
The pharmacokinetics of our experts in the field of drug development has accumulated decades of experience. They help customers to design a variety of pharmacokinetic research programs, analyze the pharmacokinetic data and audit the pharmacokinetic data submitted to the regulatory.

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